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In today’s ever evolving world, it is so easy to get muddled and confused about what we exactly want from our life. Gadgets, malls, daily deals on e-commerce portals, filters to take the perfect selfies, hashtags, check-ins, coffee shops, etc. have taken over our lives. However, even with myriad entertainment options, “feel-good” things and so much disposable income at our disposal, our generation is lost, confused and lonely.

The desire to feel happy and loved is the ultimate quest of most, if not all human beings. Somewhere we all yearn for that love and acceptance and deep inside, we all dread rejection. Even things like being slender / fit, dressing well, owning luxury items and travelling the world, have their roots entrenched in one primary desire – to be happy!

However, most of us are so tightly held back by our fear, that every statement we make is an attempt to feed our fear and insecurities and make it through yet another day. Of course, somewhere, this fear stops us from exploring our full potential and inhibits us from living the life of our dreams.

Most of the times, we are totally unaware of this autopilot activity happening in our day to day life. That’s why most of us only participate in actions where we can totally control the outcome. The thrill of living a full life, the spontaneity of doing things simply for the joy of doing them or venturing into the unknown are all deeply terrifying ideas for a majority of people.

Of course, we have the ultimate excuse “life got in the way” if we are ever interrogated externally or inside our own head, as to why we didn’t do the things we “always” wanted to do. We hold on to jobs that may be mind numbingly boring, simply because they pay the bills, we may do the same choreographed activities with the same set of people each weekend, just to enhance our false sense of self via a social life and we may always have a mental list of things “they” did wrong, because of which we are not happy today. “They” could be parents, teachers, siblings, ex-boyfriends, bosses, friends or anybody we may hold responsible for our current situation.

Most of today’s obsessive and compulsive habits are all distractions, which help us strengthen our complacency and extend our list of “excuses” to be exactly where we are. This book aims at jerking you out of that limbo and take action. Whether we like to think about it or not, our days are numbered, and NOW is the time to make that spine erect and walk like a “boss”.

Whether you are a 30 something working professional feeling directionless or a 21 year old wondering why everything is so unfair, this book should serve as a guideline for you to take complete ownership and responsibility for how your life pans out from now on.

With the LifeBook, we aim to help people get their dream job, fall in love with their bodies, improve their well-being, start a business, form better relationships at work and in life, be awesome parents, and expand their daily happiness quotient. Doing these things is a lot simpler than most of us think. All it takes is living a life of awareness instead of snoozing through everything and waiting for “someday” when everything will work itself out. I am a big believer of the law of least effort, but this “someday” disease is just plain lazy. Pretty soon you will run out of excuses and run out of people to blame.

It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee, or chai tea latte, if you are like me and unleash the fabulousness that lies within you. Yes, it is already there, before you slip down that “I am not good enough” rabbit hole.

The LifeBook  is for the hero, which is meekly hiding inside you. It is for that bold lion / lioness that is somewhere lying dormant within. The goal here is to awaken the strength, fabulousness and awesomeness, which are already inside. So, you have to be ready for the nostalgic ride of rediscovering (or finally discovering) your authentic self. This means, no blame game, no shrugging and definitely no fault finding (thanks to your newfound nirvana).

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** “Amazing You Journal” is mentioned in all the “Homework” sections. You can make notes in your small diary, your Smartphone or have a Word Doc on your notebook. But make sure, it’s done in a private space, which is accessible only to you.

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