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  • (a)“Authorized Representative” of also known as “Authorised Representative /”
  • (b) “USER” – Any person or body corporate other than the Authorized Representative who have knowingly  or unknowingly logged in or have attempted to log in on including the Experts whether the registration formality has been completed or pending shall be construed as “USER” of and have agreed to abide by the Policies and/or Rules and/or Regulations and/or Framework and/or Guidelines and/r Undertakings forming part of website as the case may be and revised from time to time.
  • USER agrees, confirms and undertakes to the following Terms/conditions:-
  1. To register with Liferesolve App by using a valid email id. User agrees, acknowledges and confirms that the email id used by the User exclusively belongs to the User.
  1. User shall always remain anonymous and shall use the “Login Id” as User’s nick name.
  1. User shall disclose any personal information like User’s name, phone no etc at User’s own risk and by no means will be held liable if the information so shared by the User is wrongly used by other Users and/or Experts including the Authorized Representatives.
  1. User has chosen to log into as per User’s free will and choice and that Liferesolve Team has not lead any influence on the User whatsoever for any such log in.
  1. User out of User’s free will chooses to share demographic information including but not limited to Sex, Date of birth, Country, Relationship Status and Education on Liferesolve App (“Demographic Information”).
  1. User out of his free will agrees to share the Demographic Information with inorder to avail the services of “Reporting” offered by Liferesolve App. Further User out of his free will agrees and allows Liferesolve App to share such Demographic Information either in totality or partially with corporate, research agencies, medical research centres, governments, etc. as required by Liferesolve. User undertakes not to hold Liferesolve liable if any such Demographic Information is lost, misused or shared by/with third parties.
  1. User hereby agrees and takes full responsibility of the Information shared/disclosed by User directly / indirectly/personally/third party on Liferesolve App and further User assures and confirms that User at no point in time shall claim or hold Liferesolve liable for the User having divulged any personal contact details or related information to any other Users including but not limited to the Experts on Liferesolve App.
  1. User hereby agrees, confirms and undertakes to share/post on Liferesolve App his emotion, intensity and reason for the same at his free will and believes the same to be true and correct as per User’s personal knowledge and belief. User hereby agrees, confirms and acknowledges that Liferesolve is not at all expected to test the veracity of the Information shared by the User on Liferesolve App. Liferesolve in good faith may endeavour to keep the Information shared by the User on Liferesolve App confidential however User hereby agrees, confirms and acknowledges that Liferesolve cannot be held responsible if Liferesolve is unsuccessful for whatsoever reasons to keep such Information confidential. Liferesolve in good faith may endeavour to restrict sharing of Information so disclosed by one User to any other User however User agrees, confirms and acknowledges that due to any unfortunate event if has shared  the Information so disclosed by one User to any other User, Liferesolve cannot be held liable for the same in whatsoever manner.
  1. User hereby agrees, confirms and acknowledges that User has chosen to disclose Information on as per his free will inorder to obtain a “Report” so generated by Liferesolve. User hereby agrees, confirms and acknowledges that Report so generated by Liferesolve is a system generated Report and that the Liferesolve Team has no role to play in the same as there is absolutely no human intervention in the generation of the Report as the same is software generated.  Liferesolve cannot be held liable if the User forms an Opinion that the Report is incorrect or false. User may choose to cross verify the veracity of the Report at the User’s end, risk and consequences thereof.
  1. User hereby agrees, confirms and acknowledges that Reports generated by Liferesolve App are based on User’s emotions expressed by them as is where is basis and that the Report is for the User’s information only and that Liferesolve cannot be held liable if the User or any Third Party chooses to react/construe out of the Report. Liferesolve prepares the Report with a sole object to provide Information based on the Information already shared by the User and that Liferesolve has no role to play in the outcome of the emotions so shared by the User used by the system to generate a Report.
  1. User hereby agrees, confirms and acknowledges that the Liferesolve Team intention in running the website is only to offer a platform to the User to express/share its emotion/feelings and related Information, chose to connect with other Users and/or experts out of their own choice/for their own satisfaction/need and User cannot hold liable or question integrity in running the Liferesolve website.
  1. User hereby agrees, confirms and acknowledges that it shall not use the Report generated by Liferesolve or the Information disclosed by other User including the Experts with any third party without the written consent of Liferesolve.. User undertake to write to on and shall wait for 2 working days for Liferesolve to revert to their email and express their concurrence in sharing the Information. If the User fails to receive any email from Liferesolve with their in principle concurrence in sharing the Information forming part of Liferesolve then the same shall be deemed to be rejected by Liferesolve unless expressly notified by to the User. User agrees and acknowledges that Liferesolve is not responsible for keeping the bug free.
  1. User hereby agrees, confirms and acknowledges to submit to the profanity filter set up by Liferesolve and that Liferesolve enjoys the exclusive discretion to use the profanity filter to flag users who are abusing the system of User hereby agrees, confirms and acknowledges to be held responsible to immediately inform in the event of any User observed to be abusing Liferesolve system.
  1. User hereby agrees, confirms and acknowledges to use the tools provided by Liferesolve on their own personal risk and cannot hold Liferesolve for the same.
  1. User hereby agrees, confirms and acknowledges to notify Liferesolve on within 2 days of any such event if the User has any grievance with If the User fails to notify Liferesolve within 2 days of any such grievances the same shall be construed as a waiver of the said grievance of the User with Liferesolve. Any dispute and differences between the User and pertaining to these Terms shall be attempted to be resolved amicably by the Parties herein and the same shall be subject to Mumbai, India jurisdiction only.
  1. User hereby agrees, confirms and acknowledges to abide by the terms of operating and running a Circle of Trust –COT as under:
    1. With every emotion, the user has the option to share it with a group of people in the Circle of Trust where in the issue can be resolved in real time by a group of maximum 50 people from around the world.
    2. If the user is starting a new COT, he has the option to choose the demography, gender, age-group, etc. of the other users he wants to invite.
    3. The user is never the owner of any COT, he can leave the COT even if it is started by him.
    4. What the user posts in a Cot is visible to all other members of that COT.
    5. Liferesolve is not responsible for any ill advise or suggestions User receives from other COT members and any action that user takes based on that suggestion.
    6. Any user flagged by 33% of the COT members, is removed automatically from that COT. This % may change as per Liferesolve sole discretion.
    7. The main intention of any COT is to find a resolution, and anytime a resolution is found for any COT, it will be posted on the user’s Lifeline.
    8. The users also have the option to use Direct Messaging to connect with any one user directly. Lesmote does not take responsibility for any information shared between two users.
    9. User agrees and confirms that it has chosen to create/participate/exit Circle of Trust as per his sole wish and has not influenced the User to create/participate/exit Circle of Trust.
  1. Third parties may be able to access information posted on this website by means of the Internet or otherwise. User agrees, confirms and acknowledges that communications transmitted by means of this website are public and not private communications. Liferesolve urges the User not to share confidential information on Liferesolve however if the User does so the same shall be as per User own risk and consequences thereof. User undertakes that in the event User has shared confidential information on Liferesolve, Liferesolve will not be responsible for any transmission of confidential information.


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  • Liferesolve may endeavour to try and keep Liferesolve App bug free, safe, secure, error-free however does not guarantee the same and/or that Liferesolve will always function without any disruptions, delays, imperfections and urge the User’s to use/log in to Liferesolve at their own sole risk. do not guarantee that it is safe to express emotions/feelings/sentiments/or any other like statement on Liferesolve App and that the said information will be held by Liferesolve safe, secure and error-free.
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